Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why Buy from Midway USA?

I buy almost all of my gun stuff from Midway USA. There isn't any place around here that has on tenth of the selection. I also appreciate the fact that Midway sponsors so many great TV shooting shows that I enjoy watching on Wednesday nights.
Their prices might not always be the cheapest but they're always competitive. But I now have a new reason to keep supporting Midway - their return policy.
After all these years of buying, I've never had to send a single item back for an exchange or refund. It finally happened. I wanted a Red Dot scope. I'd never really spent a lot of time shooting with one on a handgun but wanted to start. So, before dropping $200-300 I started with a $30 Tasco 30mm Red Dot. After only five weeks the red dot died. I did the natural things like putting in a new battery and shaking/smacking the dead unit to no avail. It was dead.
I went to the Midway website and found the return area. It instructed me to print a form and send back the defective product for 1) refund, 2) replacement or 3) exchange. No phone call was necessary.
I filled out the form, checked the "replacement" box and sent back the scope. In about nine days a package arrived with a brand new Tasco Red Dot scope. In between, I received a couple of email updates giving me the status of my return.
It was that easy. Since so many (everything) inexpensive products seem to be made in China these days, the opportunity for failure exists. With that possibility, it's nice to buy from a company that stands behind every purchase and makes it so easy to replace a defective product.
We all want great prices and huge selection but when it's all said and done, we also want unwavering customer service. Midway USA offers all of the above.
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  1. just recently I ordered 2 beretta mags(17.99 each, a steal) and it took them just 2 days to come. I was so impressed with the quality, price, and service, I ordered 2 more and they came in 2 days. I will be a faithfull customer of Midway from now on

  2. Midway usa customer service sucks...they owe me 35.00.
    What a rip off company. Larry Potterfield can bite my ass

  3. Larry runs a rip off company that try and screw people out of every dime they can. I agree he can bite my ass also.

  4. I shop Graff and sons.

  5. Larry can bite me also

  6. Larry is too busy making great instructional videos to bite anyone - way more good than bad.

  7. Here's the current Midway Scams: They sometimes have .22LR in stock, but limit you to a brick or 2. So, you believe it is best to buy a few more items, because the shipping charges are too high. Second scam is they recently started packaging tow items: .22LR plus some over prices 5.56. If you want the .22LR, you are forced to buy something you'd rather not buy. Midway Sucks. Larry Pot-head is the Ronald McDondald of Midway.

  8. Midway sucks. They are terrible, no customer service or customer satisfaction. They screw you over. Larry sucks, and so does the rest of the company.