Saturday, December 6, 2008

REVIEW: Taurus Millennium Pro 140


It's too bad that this pistol has a potentially lethal issue as I really liked it. 

Guns are getting expensive. Actually, they’re already expensive but it seems that every time I go gun shopping or gun “browsing” I notice prices creeping upward even more. Now it’s very possible that our latest President elect (this was written on November 30, 2008) will have a further negative impact on firearm and ammo prices before he takes office on January 20, 2009.

Thankfully, there are companies like Taurus that make great products while keeping prices reasonable. Taurus firearms are made in Brazil giving them a real price advantage since the Brazilian Real to Dollar exchange gives us a a lot of “bang for our buck”.
My cousin-in-law is in the market for a .40 cal and has looked at Glocks, Springfield Armory, Kahr Arms and Smith & Wesson. He called me after attending a gun show and said, “Man, some of the guns I looked at are really expensive.” I asked him if he’d looked at a Taurus and he said, “No”. This reminded me that my brother has a Taurus Millennium Pro 140 that I’ve been meaning to review.
About a year ago, my brother found himself in a real life-threatening situation on the front porch of his own home. He was faced with an armed individual that seriously verbalized intent to do him harm. Luckily the incident didn’t go beyond that but it did give him a new perspective on gun ownership. I got a call from him the next morning asking if I would go gun shopping with him.
I took him to a local gun shop that has an indoor range. After browsing for a while, he saw a used polymer .40 cal Millennium Pro 140 for just over $209. The price of the new one sitting in the case right next to it was only $299 (Just the other day I saw one for $349 at the same store). He picked it up and it felt really good in his hands, asked me about the Taurus name brand and decided to buy it.

Inexpensive is one thing but shooting well is another. We’ve all shot a buddies “great deal at a gun show” gun that he paid $150 for only to find out that it was a piece of junk, right? Well as an owner of two Taurus firearms, I can say that they don’t make junk. Ok, their model 1911 might not be up to Kimber quality but it’s definitely not junk.
My brother bought the Millennium Pro without shooting one beforehand and after shooting it, we were both a little worried - okay, a lot worried. The gun shot low and left real bad. I don’t mean a little like some guns do, I mean this little gun was way off. After a bit of examination, we noticed that the front sight was not centered in the dove-tail groove. We took it back to the shop and had the sights straightened.
Back on the range, the gun now show straight but still a bit low (not nearly as bad as before the adjustment). I find the sight alignment to be perfectly acceptable for a fixed sight, home defense gun.

As for function, here are some things I really like about this gun:
  1. Grip comfort - I find Glocks to be great shooting guns, but for my hand shape and size, the grips are awkward and uncomfortable. The Millennium Pro’s grip is a perfect fit for my hand. Perfect.
  2. Trigger reset - The trigger take up is long but there’s a reason for this and something that Taurus did that make this acceptable. First, the reset is real short (1/4 inch) and second, the single action/double action striker means that if you have a misfire, completely release the trigger, let it completely reset and get a full double-action pull for a potentially life-saving second strike opportunity. The Video below lets you see this for yourself.
  3. Manual safety - many polymer pistols don’t have a manual safety. They really don’t need them but on the Taurus, if you want it, you’ve got it. If you don’t like it. Don’t use it.
  4. Safety lock - All Taurus firearms come with a key that locks the gun down for safely storing the pistol. This is another “if you don’t like it don’t use it” option, but I like it. It’s a much more elegant and easy to use option than the cable lock that came with my Kimber or the Springfield XD and XDm.
  5. Heinie Straight-8 two dot sights - I love the sights. If hundred dollar bills grew on trees, I’d replace all my fixed sights with Tritium Heinie Staight-8s. Personally, I can line up two dots faster than three. Plus, as I said earlier, the gun shoots a bit low. Put a bit of black space between the two white dots and you’re shooting in the 10 ring. Fast and easy.
VIDEO: Notice the short trigger reset (about the same as the XDm). Also notice the second strike option:

As you can see by reading this article. I’d recommend this gun to anyone looking for a small, compact polymer pistol in 9mm, .40 or .45. The gun has never misfired, failed to feed or failed to extract any ammo we’ve put through it, this includes cheap Russian Wolf and Hornady TAP.
If you money isn’t a issue, I can see you wanting and buying a Smith and Wesson M&P Pro, or a compact Springfield XD instead. But if you’re on a budget, this gun will save you hundreds of dollars and deliver more than enough home protection performance as any brand. Personally, after shooting hundreds of rounds through it on a variety of ranges, I’d trust my life to it.



  2. Just picked up the Taurus PT 140 from the Florida gun show yesterday. I just hope its the pro model as I don't remember looking and seeing the Pro on the gun. I'll see when I pick it up from the shop next week.

  3. I am thoroughly satisfied with the PT145SS I've now owned for a little over 2 years now-100% reliable. I bought my wife a PT111 recently, and she has put through 300 rounds with no feed or eject problems. She is having a hard time getting used to the straight eight sights, so I will change those out to a three dot system.

  4. I own a Taurus PT92 AF SS which I keep for home defense. Recently I purchased a (3rd gen.) Millennium Pro 140 for a CCW. I'm not a very big guy and I have little hands. The PT92 with a 17 round mag. is a bit big for me to be carrying concealed. The Millennium Pro fits my hand a lot better and being much smaller than my PT92 is a lot easier to carry. BTW my PT92 is 9mm. The PT92 shoots straight but, tends to shoot about 6 inches low at 7 yards and further. But, I know for home defense, I’ll be able to hit any man size target I line up on. The MP140 shoots on the money at 7 yards and I don't know about at further ranges, haven't fired it at any further distance yet. The Millennium Pro feels a bit top heavy to me without a loaded mag. But, fully loaded, it balances out. As for kick, I don't think the Millennium Pro in .40 cal. jumps that much more than the PT92 in 9mm. One reason for that might be because I can hold on to the Millennium Pro a lot better because of it being smaller and the polymer grip. I like the straight 8 sites on the MP140 a lot better than the 3 dot sites on the PT92 also. I think it is faster and easier to line up on your target. I also like the SA/DA feature of the Millennium Pro that could be a life saving feature if the round doesn’t go off with the first strike of the firing pin and we‘ve all had miss fires before. My PT92 has this feature also. Also The manual safety on this pistol gives me a little more peace of mind. So, that being said, I like the Millennium Pro and would recommend it to anyone. Though I’ve read some bad reviews about Taurus firearms, I’ve read bad things about every other gun manufactured by others too. The bottom line is, (in my opinion) just like everything else in this world, they all make good ones and they all make bad ones. I can’t complain about either one of my Taurus’s. I’m sure they’ll do what I bought them for

  5. Texas student

    I bought a PRO 140 today I like it. I feels good in my hands. I shot 100 rounds right out of the box. It did well no jams no misfires. It did shoot low. The weapon is good, as a handgun lover I would recommend it to someone looking for a reasonably priced personal defense weapon.

  6. I'm sold! Fellow wants to trade me one; guess I will.

  7. I was never a fan of Taurus pistols, but two things recently changed my mind. First I asked a black ops guy I really trust what his carry pistol was and he said two Millennium Pro 145BP's. And then last weekend I fired my nieces 111BP. Never liked double action/single action triggers, but this one was smooth as silk. I'm sold.

  8. To many people want the big name guns.They think if you have a Taurus you have junk. We (the people who have Taurus handguns) are able to shoot much more than the high price big name guns owners because of the extra money we have in our pocket. I have had my pt92 for over 30 years and it looks great and works perfect. I also have a PT140 pro, a Pt740 slim and looking at a 40S&W Taurus revolver.

  9. Ive owned my pt140ss for a while now. doess it shoot low? only if you try to choke it to death. losten up a bit, or even shoot one handed. you will be surprised at how much better you will shoot. If you can't make yourself stop white knuckling the thing, you can buy some lighter bullets Good luck at the range.

  10. I own a PT140 and I really like it. It fits my hand great and I enjoy shooting it - however it does shoot low. Now for target practice - I would rather shoot my husband's 40 cal XD. I am way more accurate with that one than mine. But for a CC - my Taurus does the job...

  11. I own a pt 140 pro stainless love it and i bought it at a good price. I have only shot 50 rounds without one misfire. Handles well and it is a good gun. Go ahead buy high price guns Taurus is as good. March 25, 2015 4:13 pm

  12. My Main CCW for 7 yr's now. small hand's and disliking for manual safety-less Glock's lead me to this piece. No miss-fire's, any ammo, affordable even when it didn't need to be for me. A CCW is a personal thing, and this just fit my need's in size Cal, and my small mitt's like a glove.

  13. If you are shooting low it usually means you are focusing on your target and not the front site tip, which subconsciously causes you to lower the front site in order to see. Clear front site and a fuzzy target (for target shooting, not combat shooting). It may not be the gun at all. I have a PT101 and I absolutely love it.