Saturday, December 27, 2008

Take Your Grandma Shooting - Talk About FUN!

That’s right. I said take your Grandma shooting.

I recently wrote about taking my mom shooting (Click Here) so why not your 88-year-old Grandma-in-law?

This Christmas (2008), my in-laws came out to visit (Mother, Father and Grandmother in law). We had the idea to take everyone to the gun range over the holiday. Hey, why not?

We started her off with a Ruger mark 3 then unleashed her on a Smith and Wesson M&P AR15. She had a great time.

Three generations of well-armed, pistol packing ladies!


  1. yes you are right Kennard. i swear, i will take my grand ma to the shooting yard. it's very adventurous idea to make my grand ma happy and also this will make grand ma brave !!

    Thanks for this post

  2. Hi Kennard,
    I finally found your blog. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing. I even set us up as followers so Dan can enjoy it, too. Thanks for the tip! (I need you to reiterate about the way to track hits, though. I haven't been able to set that up yet.)
    Enjoyed seeing you guys on your bd and would love to get together for dinner sometime soon.
    Keep in touch,