Friday, February 20, 2009

REVIEW: Glock 27

Glock. There’s no doubt that in recent years (post 1911) that the Glock has done for pistols what the iPhone has done for smartphones. It seems that every manufacturer now has a similar polymer framed gun design and to think it all started with curtain rods.
That’s right I said curtain rods. In the late 1960s Gaston Glock made curtain rods but soon branched out to making much cooler things like machine gun belts, knives and trenching tools. The Austrian Army was so happy with the products Glock made, they asked Gaston if he could make them a pistol. In 1982 he invented the 9mm Glock 17 (I understand the numeric designation represented Herr Glock’s 17th patent).
The gun was such a success, that in a little over a year they set up a world HQ in Smyrna, Georgia of all places. Go figure.
Here’s an interesting fact that will lead us directly into our review. S&W designed a new round - the .40 S&W. But it was Glock that first manufactured a gun that could shoot it! They beat S&W with their own round! How’s that for an impressive, fast moving company?
This review is for the Glock 27 which happens to be chambered for the .40 S&W.
My friend Doug has a “Baby” Glock 27 that he uses as a full powered carry gun. For light weight self defense, he uses the Kel-Tec P-3AT we reviewed earlier. I’d wager that over the years I’ve put about 100 rounds through his Glock and it still frustrates me.
Let’s start with the good. Glocks...
  • resist rust better than any gun on the market.
  • are EASY to resell due to their popularity.
  • work. Period.
  • sighing system low-profile and adjustable and very quick to get on target.
  • triggers are very light and reset with very little travel.
  • live up to their reputations.
  • are the most popular pistols on the planet.
Now for the bad. Glocks...
  • don’t fit MY hand shape! I didn’t say yours, I said mine.
I said Doug’s Glock frustrates me. And it’s not just his, it’s every Glock I shoot (and I’ve shot many). The grip feels uncomfortable, thick and awkward. Plus, having a fixed polymer grip, there’s really nothing I can do about it. At least the XDm and S&W M&P have replaceable palm swells and back straps (this proves it must be an issue for more people than just me).
People, I love Glocks. I think they’ve done more for pistol making than any other company since Colt did 100 years ago. Now that we’ve established the grip gripe, let’s talk about shooting it.
The first thing I noticed the first time I pulled the trigger on Doug’s Glock 17 was that the trigger was extremely light and the pull short. So light, that the gun startled me when it went off - isn’t that the secret to accurate shooting, letting the gun surprise you?
I asked him if he had the trigger worked and he said “no”. But dang, that thing is sweet to shoot! After the first shot, I actually had to force myself to press lightly. The result was a smooth, easy trigger pull that’s better than the XD, XDm or Millennium Pro, and easily as good as the Smith and Wesson M&P.
The sights are great too! The square notch rear sight that’s outlined in bright white is easy to line up with the front dot. With most guns, if you want screw driver adjustable height and windage you get a big bulky sight apparatus that isn’t conceal carry friendly. Not so with Glock. They have a relatively low profile fixture that’s completely adjustable with a small screw driver and won’t snag a shirt or jacket.
With all that going for me, I still had trouble staying on target. I found that I had to re-grip the pistol after every shot. There was just no way for me to keep my hand firmly in place and not wiggle my fingers between trigger pulls. The recoil of the .40 S&W didn’t help.
Speaking of recoil, Doug and I tried an experiment. We shot his Glock 27 loaded with Winchester white box Wal-mart ammo against my small Kimber Ultra Carry II loaded with Winchester .45ACP. We alternated shots from each gun over and over then came to our own personal, non-influenced conclusion on recoil. Our impressions identical. We both felt that the recoil was about the same but if we were forced to assign each a grade, we both agreed the Glock “popped” a bit harder. Our opinion for what it’s worth.
Doug has several magazines for the Glock. One is a conceal carry mag without the pinky rest while the others all have the the pinky extension. You want to see me really struggle, watch me shoot the Glock without the extra magazine length.
As for the real reason to buy a little pistol, the Baby Glock 27 is small enough to easily conceal. There are thinner guns out there but the overall package isn’t hard to hide and carry all day via ankle, belly-band or IWB. But that extra girth takes it out of the pocket gun arena.
If you want a Glock, there’s only one thing you need to do prior to buying one. Go to your local gun store, pick one up and see how it fits your hand. Nothing else. If it fits, buy it. If not, try an XD or XDm. It’s that simple. You don’t need to test fire one first, take my word and the word of millions of people world wide. The guns shoot great, don’t jam or fail to feed and they are “throw them off a cliff and they still work” rugged.
No wonder they have such a passionate group of followers...


  1. Great article, I just bought a used G27 from a gun show and can't wait to pick it up tomorrow. It's funny you mention that the only bad thing about Glock Pistols is that they just don't fit right in some peoples hands. Luckily they fit fine in my hands but this is something I've heard before as well. Any thought on shooting distance? I can't imagine the short barrel being overly accurate past 15 - 20 feet...

    1. Mine is accurate at 30 feet and I hit the target area in consistently tight groups from that distance. I feel I could hit center mass even further out than that.

    2. I can hit a silhouette target at 100 yards with my handed. And I have sixty-year-old hands and eyes......

  2. Nice review of the G27. It's too bad they don't fit your hands -- My husband and I each have one, and we love them. They're great carry guns, and as reliable as the sunrise.

    The only problem with my Glock is that I can skip cleaning it, and it doesn't care. That's only a problem because I'm developing the habit of not cleaning my other guns as often, and they do care, because they're not Glocks!

  3. Excellent post. I think you hit it right on the head. The G27 is one of those magic little things in life. You get a full power pistol in a very compact size. It'ts not as tiny as say an LCP but then again it is very much more capable. Everybody I know who has chosen one absolutely loves it.

  4. anyone know about the guide rod problems with the baby glocks? do i need to be worried?

  5. I have never heard of a guide rod problem with a Glock. That doesn't mean the problem doesn't exist. Glock's are notorious for having no problems. If you are experiencing a problem, see a smith immediately or contact Glock directly.

  6. Regarding accuracy; there's a guy on YouTube who hits a target with a Glock 27 at 230 yards (Yes, that's right... 230 Yards)

    Search for "Glock 27 at long range"

  7. Speaking of long range accuracy, search for hickok45 user review of the glock 27.

  8. Hi Kennard, nice review. Small observation, you mentioned Glock is "notorious" for having no problems. "Notorious" means to be known in a negative or bad way. A gun that FAILS A LOT is notorious. I'm sure you did not mean to say that. Glock is "famous" for having no problems. Thanks buddy.

  9. I own a G27 and love the pistol brand new out of the box accurate , the first time i shot it after 35 rounds the recoil spring broke, took it back to the gun store had a new spring ordered ,500 rounds later no problems yet.

    glock claims it is an isolated incident.

  10. Sounds like it's a good one, Glock 27, I just saw one at my local gunstore for 588.00. Price is kinda steeper than it seems other people pay, but I want to keep my local gunstore in business. They are few and far between locally.

  11. great gun, got mine 2 weeks ago, pumped out 200 rounds and put on the pearce pinky extension. very easy to clean and the fit and finish is great. so many options on that I dont know where to start. I guess the 2 must have's are the Pearce Mag extension and the backstrap plug. it looks more finished with those two parts installed. they also offer extended take down lever and slide stop, you can even get them in chrome. Ron Mahovsky at Mahovsky's Metalife will chrome the slide, barrell, take down lever, slide stop and pins for $70. I got quoted this price on Monday. I have have a Keltec P11 chromed and it looks great. I want my glock to be unique! I have have many guns, but this is the easiest to handle and accurate. I also found an adjustable rear sight for elevation and windage. there is just so much in terms of upgrades that is does not pay to buy anything else. I recommend it 100%, the other cool thing is that you can buy a glock 26 barrell and magazine and boom.... you have a glock 27 and a glock 26 with one gun. You cant do that with a glock 26. try this gun and you will fall in love with it. The bad part is that with all the aftermarket options, you can get into it for alot of cash. I paid $590 with tax and the pearce pinky extensions and backstrap plug were $20. the price of ammo... that is the other sucky part. about $20 for blazer aluminum case at Dicks sporting goods. that is all from Me... Joe In New york

  12. I have a Glock 23 and love it but am looking for something smaller like the G27 to carry concealed at work, under a suit . Having to put the pinky extender on it kind of defeats the purpose as the grip is the hardest part to conceal. I'm going to rent one and shoot it at the range. I have a Ruger LCP and it's great to conceal but I'd rather a .40 cal Glock if it hides well. Thanks for the thorough and honest review.

  13. I looked and looked for a small gun and ruled out glock since I loved my sig and thought the glock was ugly. However, the sig 239 was too big and I also wanted something to take into the woods and not worry about dust and some dirt. Finally after looking at dozens, I gave up and when I was walking out of the store, the clerk said try this glock 27, as soon as I held it, I realized this was the gun I had been looking for.

  14. I purchased a Glock 27 after having shot it back to back with a friends 26 and my 23. I ended up shooting the 27 the best which couppled with it's small size made it my perfect everyday carry piece. I know lots of people have a concern with the short grip frame and the gun shifting in their hand which is why i went with the pinkie extention. However i still felt like their was some movement and a need to read adjust my grip after a few rounds. The solution i came up with was to switch from 165 grain ammo to 180 grain (about the same recoil with less muzzle flip)and I added a talon wrap around grip tape (much better than skateboard tape) the gun now feels glued to my hand. I spent alot of time reserching various other options and making comparissons (length, width, height, weight, capacity, and reliabilty) prior to making the move to the 27 and i can confidently say as others have already stated if the gun fits your hand don't hesitate to make the purchase. The glock 27 is a dependable acurate weapon which is more capable than most of it's users (me being one of them). Just don't forget if the gun is being purchased for conciled carry it is only part of a system and a good holster and belt (both which have many good options) can make or break concielabilty and comfort and should be concidered as part of the overall purchase budget. Well thats my 2 cents Glock on.

  15. Own and use the Glock 27 in my LE work--tried the S&W MP40c, the 40 c is not "c" enough, more size, bulk, and weight (more like the Glock 23 than the 27). The one thing that worried me about the M&P was the thing that allowed you to change out the grips inserts, it moves from side-to-side. I don't want anything that could screw up a re-load, especially during tactical situations. With that said the Glock 27 is the best hide-out and conceal carry weapon ever devised--I like the thickness, remin ds me that I have 10 shots instead or 7,6, or 5.

  16. I had a Glock 23 and later bought the 27. I limpwristed it during breakin and had a few jams. Glock sent me some extended mags and that took care of the problem of jamming. As I shot it more I became more proficient with it and can almost be as accurate at 25 yards as the Glock 23 (which is right on target). After it was broken in I changed back to the regular magazines and have had no jams in over 500 rounds. This gun couldn't be more perfect - enough rounds, enough power and pretty much maintenance free. I have night sights, lasermax and a clipdraw so I carry it in almost all situations. I see all kinds of carry guns flooding the market, but none impress me as much as the 27. My back-up usually is a S&W 637 with a hammer bob. I rarely ever leave home without one or the other.

  17. I bought a new Glock 27 generation 4. It went KaBoom. I was using factory ammo (not reloaded or lead). Glock will not replace gun or return my call.

  18. Sir, I doubt your claim. First off, if they have not returned your call how do you know that they will not replace your firearm. Second, how long has Glock "not returned your call" for, a day?

    If your gen 4 27 did in fact go kaboom, I would also say that buying a new generation firearm only a few months after release is the same as buying a new car the first year it comes out or has a model makeover... This is the same reason why I purchased a gen 3 27 a few weeks ago when there was a gen 4 sitting right next to it. If your claim is true, it is the first case I have heard of a Kaboom in a G27 and the first Kaboom I have heard of in a while. Also did you peck out your message with one hand because a kaboom with a 27 would be ugly.

    By the way, I love my gen 3 G27. It shoots great and the recoil with the standard magazine (no extention) was far less than I thought it would be.

  19. Author of the review, how can you not be informed of the rubber wrap palm swells that have been on the market for say 20 plus years for Glocks to give guys like you a better fit and purchase.

    You say Glocks feel thick and akward? Do you only shoot single stack magazine pistols? All Double Stack stagered mag pistols are thick. Try a Para P-14 for example.

    If you are going to review guns publicly, review them, dont whine, you make your self sound like the guy in the Burger King comercial that gets the double Whoper but cant eat it because of his little hands. "Pathetic". I dont know a person that still has both hands & of any stature that cant shoot the Glock Pistol of any model, as long as they shoot it Thumbs Forward Modern Isosceles. Give it a try, and you wont whine anymore. Plus a 100 rounds aint nothing, I just shot a 4 hour class that had a 350 round count to it. Buck up and practice.

    You may not like what I had to say but at least I put my name to it, I wouldnt tune you up, and then have it be by Anonymous.
    Keep Shootin Straight, and I will too.

  20. Christopher May (Costa Rica)December 18, 2011 at 9:20 PM

    There are two myths about the GLOCK 27 subcompact pistol. The first: The grip is too small for big hands. That is fake, even withouth mag externders, it can be firmly holded for big hands. The second: The G23 is a less precise handgun like usual in almost al Concealed Carru Weapons, fake! this GLOCK even if not an marksman pistol, can give you decent groups like any compact or full size pistol, just became familiar with it!!!

  21. BTW...the Glock 40 upper receivers are interchangeable with their 357 counterparts...Two calibers for an extra $150 to buy the receiver and the magazine.

  22. I just purchased a Gen 4 Glock 27. I compared Ruger and Taurus ( as if Taurus was even in the same class). I also own a Model 22 (big brother). The 27 is a really cool gun, shoots great, comfortable and easily concealed. If it fits your hand it's worth the additional money.

  23. Picking up my 27 tomorrow. Awesome gun. Been a Baretta fan for years, and still am. But damn this 27 shoots and feels so good in my hand it's getting to the top of my gun list real quick. I was leaning toward the 26 model 9mm, or a short barrel .45 1911. But having shot a friends 27 several times I got use to it real quick. Having that extra stopping power is just what I need. Small in most others hands it might be, but I don't have big hands. It took me 3 rounds to get use to the trigger. After that it was game on. I wouldn't be one bit hesitant to have to rely on it in combat situation. I don't think you'll find any other gun in this concealed carry size that shoots this good with this much power, with Glocks reliability. +++ change the barrel and mag and shoot 9mm's all day for fun and cheaper. No ohe gun co can do that. $$$ 508.00 @ Kentucky gun co in Bardstown ky. Look up their website. Awesome place.

  24. This string is going for years. I got a used gen4 27 today and as soon as i got home I tried it out. I have a 30sf gen3 and a 19 gen 2 that i love. I was a little skeptical about another getting another caliber to keep up with and was worried about the recoil of the 40 with such a small gun. i was pleasantly surprised after throwing a plastic McD's drink cup down to shoot at and put every round in that cup at 30ft in somewhat rapid fire. Im not sure I could do that with any of my other handguns. Recoil was snappy but not painful at all and much less than my J frame with 38 specials. It is a keeper

  25. There’s no doubt that in recent years (post 1911) that the Glock has done for pistols what the iPhone has done for smartphones. It seems that every manufacturer now has a similar polymer framed gun design and to think it all started with curtain rods. Ghost Evo