Thursday, May 10, 2012

Who says a .22 short isn't a good defense round?


  1. What happened to your GF and did the bear kill her? I'm surprised that you walked away without emptying your Beretta in the bears nose. Then maybe you would have both went away unharmed.

    I live my Beretta Jet fire in 22 short! I can shoot 22 CB's in the basement and hi power round as a carry gun (I have a permit to carry.) However, I also have a Ruger LCP in 380. It is almost the same size and weight of a Jet fire but shoots 8 rounds of Corbon 380 jacketed hollow points. If I want more power I use wolf flat nose, hard cast cartridges the bullet weighs 100 grains and leaves that barrel at about 1100 or more feet/per/ second. According to Ruger you should not shoot Hi Power rounds in the 380 LCP but Federal Cartridge Company says to just get the gun sighted in for hi power rounds and then shoot standard power for all practice.

  2. Great Web-site...I will pass it along to all my shooting buds!

    Thanks Kennard for the awesome indtroduction the the Barrett 50 Cal!!!!!

    C. Miller
    Chattanooga, TN

  3. that's funny. I literally had to read it twice to make sure I was understanding that you shot your girlfriend in the leg so you could escape. Now that's the buddy system if I've ever seen it.