Sunday, February 21, 2016

Crossbreed's Flawed Bedside Backup

The bump in the night.
It's unlikely and I hope it doesn't happen, but it could. 
If it does, what's your plan? Do you even have a plan? 

I have a plan and it starts with my Crossbreed Bedside Backup. I had been looking at the Backup online but when I was up in Nashville for the NRA Annual Conference last year I stopped by the Crossbreed booth, checked it out in person and ordered a kit with kydex molded for a Taurus Judge Polymer Public Defender right on the spot.

It promptly arrived and I installed it but that's where I discovered it's horrible flaws. 

My initial review is that the Bedside Backup is a great idea that's very poorly executed but very easy to correct by the end user. What happened is that once I had it installed, I did what most normal people would do, I unloaded my Judge and went through a few "what if" drills to determine the perfect placement of the paddle and to figure out how the Ohai Kydex holster should be angled. The first attempt at a rapid "roll off the bed draw" was disastrous. When I pulled on the Hogue grip as I was rolling out of bed, the entire Bedside Backup slid out from between the mattress and boxspring and the two pieces separated–Taurus Judge still securely in the Kydex holster. Bad. Very bad! 

I chalked this first attempt at possible user error and went at it again. This time I was more deliberate in my draw and I stayed laying on my belly on the bed and did not slide onto the floor. This was a little better as the Bedside Backup only shifted a little but stayed wedged. Better but still not good.

If something went bump in the night, my plan is to draw, slide off of the bed, pull my wife down with me and use the mattress as a barrier between the master bedroom door and us. If things were to get real bad, the mattress would be a great shooting platform. In my night stand drawer a tray of quick load .410 shot shells in 000 buck and a tray of quick load Winchester Supreme Elite PDX .45 Long Colt. But, if the Bedside Backup didn't stay put, the fight could be with the holster and no the home invaders!

I emailed Crossbreed and got a quick replay. They admitted that they were looking into some design improvements, including the possibility of a big rubber band that kept the Backup in place. Great, but I needed a solution now. So, I went shopping. I ended up buying some aggressive, adhesive skateboard tape and some double-sided padded tape.
As you can see in the images, I put the double-sided tape under the flanges and the skateboard tape on BOTH sides of the paddle. The padded tape is just as important as the skateboard tape because of the deign of the Backup, when making the bed, the paddle can slide out just a bit and the face plate can fall off. In the photo at the top of this blog, you can see some of the dings in the wood from this happening.

Once both were installed the Bedside Backup functioned like a well-designed piece of hardware. Now, the entire device stays put during rapid draw drills from any position using any amount of force. As of this writing, the Bedside Backup is a over-priced $74 piece of Kydex, leather and Velcro that I happily bought. I added about $2 worth of stuff to make their good idea, a good idea that actually worked as it should.

Let me be clear, I believe in Crossbreed. In addition to the Backup, I own a SuperTuck, a MiniTuck and just bought my wife's Dad a Freedom Carry for his Ruger SR9c (with CT Laserguard) that we plan on giving him as a Father's Day present and I will probably buy a  Freedom Carry for myself if I like his. I'm a fan! But, I'm very disappointed that a company that puts so much thought, energy and engineering into nearly perfect products allows the Bedside Backup to be shipped in such a dangerous form. Yes, dangerous! If I had not run some practice drills, I may have not discovered how ineffective and sloppy the product performed. It would have been dangerous had that unlikely bump in the night come and I found myself fumbling with my Bedside Backup at the worst of times.

For a couple bucks (that's retail for me, cheaper for them) Crossbreed could make the Backup just like all of their other products, perfect.

My recommendation to you is to BUY THE BEDSIDE BACKUP but put the time and dollars into making it work right.

My recommendation to Crossbreed is to FIX THE BEDSIDE BACKUP right now! I will be up in Louisville for the 2016 NRA Annual Conference and I hope to see the new and improved $76 Bedside Backup. I will update this post immediately.

Good luck and sleep well. 

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